eremuak: publishing, producing, programming

25/07 - 26/07 2013

Arteleku, Donostia

This seminar aims to serve as a showcase for projects and initiatives that have been carried out from the beginning of the open call for applications for the eremuak programme in December 2010. A wide variety of artists, groups, projects, publishing houses and other hybrid undertakings have benefited from this programme, which aims to build bridges and networks linking different producers working on the Basque art scene. This meeting in Arteleku aims to provide food for thought by organising three debates and exchanges of opinion focusing on some of the key issues dealt with in the programme proposals.

Thursday and Friday. programme

consonni is taking part:

Friday, 26 July

11:00 - 12:00
Talk by Jon Mikel Euba
12:00 - 13:30
Debate: "Production and Contemporary Art"
Daniel Llaría, Karin Dolk, Iskandar Rementería, Ion Arregi, María Mur Dean (consonni)