HPC @MR_S01 Cmon, baby...

16/10 - 16/10 2014

consonni (C/ Conde Mirasol 13, Bilbao)

C’mon, baby, do the Ipsilamba with me!

Session 1.

What does Ipsilamba mean for you? Public reading of the first stories received.

consonni will turn into an improvised and rather special teahouse where teas, cookies, and stories can be sampled in postcard form. A warm space for sharing the first definitions of the word Ipsilamba. It was coined by writer Vladimir Nabokov and used later by Iranian writer Azar Nafisi in her book Reading Lolita in Teheran in literary workshops with women, new meanings being attributed to this non-existent word, creating a new empowering language.  Mabi Revuelta invites us to participate in the creation of a collective logbook in response to the question What does Ipsilamba mean for you? We will collect this story in various formats (micro-stories, micro-poems, drawings, collages…) embodied in postcards created as a supporting medium. These will be appearing at different points in the city of Bilbao, mainly, as well as on the specific project presentation day. More information.

C’mon, baby, do the Ipsilamba with me! Takes over from Ultramarino, Fermín Jiménez Landa’s proposal for consonni’s HPC programme around the immensity of the ocean and the epic that peaked with ranchera-type tales and a whale-spotting voyage on Saturday 4 October.

Mabi Revuelta