Project presentation

LaPublika Radio magazine

15/10 - 15/10 2015


Imagen de la actividad

 LaPublika’s entire project and the full programme will be presented on consonni’s premises (C/ Conde Mirasol 13, Bilbao) next Thursday 15 October at 19.30. The presentation adopts a live radio format, inspired by the familiar radio staple, the magazine. A laid-back live radio programme with an audience, providing conversation, information and plenty of content over beers and patties.

This edition of the LaPublika magazine will be anchored by commentator Alicia San Juan and will run interviews with members of the organization that directs and coordinates the project (Bilbao-based production and publishing association consonni), as well as with other accomplices including Eider Corral who is responsible for the project’s visual identity. Artist Gerard Ortín will be on hand to talk of his proposal Trabeska, LaPublika’s springboard activity and first sound piece for the radio-web.

This public radio moment, with support from Alberto de la Hoz who will be collaborating as sound engineer and specialist, constitutes one of the first contents of the radio-web LaPublika, the online set-up that accompanies the whole project through to the end of 2016. The radio-web offers a store of podcasts covering on-site activities and contents specially created for the radio format, such as interviews, slots and sound pieces, and invites participation from artists and professionals specially invited for the purpose.

LaPublika is a project directed and coordinated by consonni, produced by Donostia / San Sebastián 2016, and Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture, with collaboration from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and support from Bilbao Ekintza, the Regional Council of Bizkaia and ehukultura (Bizkaia).

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