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HPC_Gaur Irekia: The Ganzfeld Experiment

12/12 - 13/12 2015

consonni (C/ Conde Mirasol, 13-LJ1D)

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:: Ilustración: Josunene ::

The Ganzfeld experiment
The technique is employed in the field of parapsychology to test extra-sensorial human perception. This state facilitates the acquisition of information concerning the thoughts, feelings and activities of another person. This anomalous cognition is known as telepathy. Certain big interests have taken care to consign the science of parapsychology to obscurity. Obstacles such as lack of access to public money hold back and limit research processes that are fundamental if we are to further and spread knowledge of this discipline, and thereby do justice to our area of study.

To carry out this experiment we need volunteers willing to participate as receptors. Thanks to the collaboration you offer, along with consonni and Gau Irekia, this statistical study will be able to corroborate the extra-sensorial capacity of human beings.

During the experiment:
Keep relaxed and be open to the experiment.
Talking is prohibited