PAPER presentations at BALA

15/12 - 15/12 2015

At BALA, (c/Bidebarrieta 1, Bilbao)

Imagen de la actividad

consonni assists one more year at BALA (Bilboko Arte Liburu Azoka) book fair. We will have our stand open from Friday 18th until Sunday 20th. . BALA is dedicated to non-conventional book editions which include artist books, photography, auto-edited volumes, unique publications and fanzines.
Saturday 19th at 19:00 we will present our three novelties from PAPER collection.

This three books create a dialogue between technology and artistic practice from very different perspectives. Address issues such as steampunk philosophy, digital culture, social networks, popular culture, the gaze, to be seen as an economic value, the representation, the collective…

Novelties at PAPER collection:
“La Rue del percebe de la cultura y la niebla de la cultura digital” by MERY CUESTA.  

“La pieza huérfana. Relatos de la paleotecnología” by VÍCTOR DEL RÍO.

“Ojos y capital” by REMEDIOS ZAFRA.