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Upcoming programme, consonni

Upcoming programme



consonni is an art production organization located in Bilbao. Since 1997, consonni has been inviting artists to develop projects that do not take on the shape of an art object exhibited in a space. These collaborators have included Jon Mikel Euba, Matthieu Laurette, Hinrich Sachs, Andrea Fraser, Sergio Prego, Ibon Aranberri, Itziar Okariz, Saioa Olmo, Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Virginia Villaplana, Nacho Magro, María Ruido, Itziar Barrio, Alex Reynolds, Asli Cavusoglu, Asier Mendizabal, Martha Rosler, Phil Collins, Jeleton, etc. Since 2009, consonni publishes books.

Among other projects, activities, networks and collaborations, Bird-cum-ornithologist is a research that came into being through consonni's actual working practice analysing and investigating contemporary art production via the actual praxis of art, and doing so via the approaches and interpretations of different artists and other art professionals in many diverse formats. It is an ongoing process accompanied by many collaborations and residencies. Here are three of the works presented at the BAD theatre festival, Bilbao:

Performer, Cabello/Carceller 
Stored as one more work of art, and registered with the rest of the 'objects' in the Museum Collection's storage areas, a performer spends her time reflecting and reading out loud about some paradoxes that surround contemporary artistic practice. A video and a performance—more here.

Again, again(st), Pablo Marte with Lorea Alfaro, Daniel Llaría and Iván Gómez
A dual practice is involved. On one hand, there is theatrical practice. On the other, exhibition practice, asAgain, Again(st) is also an art installation deployed in that very same space. The purpose is to show a conflict between what functions in one way and what functions in another. As a theatre piece, it lacks a plot. There is, however, a kind of storyline context: setting up a contemporary art centre. More here.

Walter Benjamin productivist, Marcelo Expósito
This workbook is the first of a series of writings that function as footnotes to Walter Benjamin´s text The author as producer. This essay studies one of the fundamental pieces in the historical construction of a materialist aesthetic theory in the 1930s: the pair formed by Walter Benjamin's texts on the technical reproducibility of the art work and cultural practice as production. More here

HPC programme
HPC stands for "Habitación propia compartida," "Own room to share," after Virginia Woolf. HPC is also a specific programme for the office, whereby an invitation is made to a series of professionals. A conceptual chain linking each event. This scheduling chain begins in March 2013 with Pablo Marte, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst… and then we shall see where this particular interpretation of an exquisite corpse ends up...

HPC @Black Tulip / Festa konspirazioa / November–December 2013
From the idea of forming a group, getting together, learning, scheming, conspiring, celebrating. 

HPC @Fermin Jimenez Landa // 2014

More here.

Future publications
Information, online sale of all publications and soon some accessible in e-book form.

Proyectos Collection 
Turntable Piece, Jeleton, December 2013
A record to be performed by Jeleton proposing self-teaching practices and the publishing of provisory results for debate. Basque/English

Electroclass, María Ruido, February 2014
The publication contains the videographic production of seven chapters covering imaginaries of work constructed from autonomous TV in the 1980s and a bonus track of texts and interviews that reflects the totality of the project. Spanish/English

Artium. Plaza, urban lounge, March 2014
The publication reflects work-development between consonni and the contemporary art museum, ARTIUM, in and around public space represented using a square attached to the museum. Spanish/English

Soft Fiction, Virginia Villaplana, April 2014
Soft Fiction is a compilation of texts around the construction of desire and pleasure and the limits between fiction and document. In memory of Chick Strand. Spanish/Basque

Paper Collection
Peio Aguirre, March 2014
This essay pinpoints the role and practice of contemporary art criticism. Spanish

Beste Collection
Kepa Garraza, February 2014
A catalogue that takes us through the latest series of artist Kepa Garraza's work. Spanish/Basque/English

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