04 / 10 / 2019


Conchi Cagide and Idoia San Matías, lawyers from Intangia, specialists in Intellectual Property, will try to bring authorship rights to the street, both to artists and citizens, delving into intellectual property, while discussing new developments and changes, and getting to know experiences of both artists and users.


Episode 3.'The management is ours'

1/2 "Collective management systems" 

In this first block of this episode we explain the novelties in the collective management systems of copyright, for this we have the participation of Jokin Erkoreka (of the Basque management entity EKKI), Eric Jordi (of the independent management entity UNISON); Marta C. Dehesa (lawyer), and Ainara LeGardon (artist), both experts in intellectual property also participate.

2/2. "The self-management"

In the second and last block we analyze the alternative of self-management or individual rights management, as a valid option for the management of certain authorship rights; we talked with Ainara LeGardon and Celia Parra, self-managed artists; and we chat about the Intangia Self Copyright project or self-management symbol.