Cuerpos que aparecen. Performance y feminismos en el tardofranquismo

Author: Maite Garbayo
ISBN: 978-84-16205-16-5
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Dimensions: 0 x 130 x 200 mm
, 252 Pages
Edition: 2016
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Type: Libro
Language: Español
Design: Maite Zabaleta

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This book analyses the aesthetic-political implications of the presence of the body in the performance practices of the last years of the Francoist dictatorship. Performance, as an aesthetic strategy, can become a space of resistance to twist one’s tongue through and interrupt the literality of discourse and imagine peripheral visualities. The body summons. It summons the bodies that preceded it and also those that surround it. It summons different aspects of reality, materializes and «gives them body». To summon is to makes the images of certain acts and the account of those who perpetrated them appear in the present. Summoning is about retrieving and rethinking them from feminist positions that contribute to a questioning of the historiography of contemporary art in the Spanish State.

Maite Garbayo Maeztu (Iruñea, 1980) Researcher and writer. Doctor in Art History from the University of the Basque Country and Teacher of the History of Art at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As an art critic, she has published in several exhibition catalogues and in specialized media, including A*Desk, Exit Express, Mugalari and Petunia.  She is the editor of the journal Pipa, a publication specializing in contemporary art, critical theory and feminisms. Maite has taught in different public (UPV, UPNA, UNAM…) and private institutions and is a member of the Network Conceptualismos del Sur. Her Post Doctorate from the Institute of Aesthetic Research, attached to the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was obtained with the project Intersubjectivity and transference: toward an aesthetic of the incalculable.
Her investigations have focussed on the intersections between feminist theories and contemporary art and visual culture, with special attention to performance practices, the body and performativity.

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