Yo veo / Tú significas

Author: Lucy R. Lippard
ISBN: 978-84-16205-18-9
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Dimensions: 0 x 130 x 200 mm
, 233 Pages
Edition: 2016
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Type: Book
Language: Spanish
Design: Maite Zabaleta

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Podcast: Radio Show consonni con Azkuna Zentroa "Ficction, cultural criticism and feminism"

Paloma Checa-Gismero speaks about Yo veo / Tú significas

Yo veo/tú significas is an experimental novel about mirrors, maps, personal relations, the ocean, elusive success and happiness as a possibility. Employing a collage of verbal photographs, dialogues, sexual encounters, found material and self-identification devices (astrology, the I Ching, chiromancy, Tarot) she relates, from the past to the future, the changing relationship between two men and two women. Many things occur between the lines. Art critic Lucy Lippard wrote this novel in 1970 and in the process became a feminist.

“I started writing and realized I was ashamed of being a woman. Then I had to find out why. Then I got very angry. The fragmented and visual form came out of contemporary art and the conflicting emotions of 1960s political confrontation; they suggested a new way that didn't pretend conclusions”. This fiction text places us more precisely in the world of conceptual art as it was then than many texts of art criticism of the period. It's the first time that this book is going to be translated to spanish. It will be done by the art critic and researcher Paloma Checa-Gismero.

Lucy R. Lippard is a writer/curator/activist, author of twenty-four books on contemporary art, activism, feminism, places, photography, archaeology and land uses. She lives in rural Galisteo, New Mexico, where she edits the community newsletter. She has received nine honorary titles, a Guggenheim fellowship, and a Lannan grant, amongst other awards. Her most recent book is Undermining: A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics and Art in the Changing West (2014).

"I See/You Mean is an important and timely exercise in mapping, a riveting collage of text and image. The novel can be seen as a continuation of Lucy R. Lippard’s revolutionary curatorial act of shifting exhibitions and artworks outside the institutional parameters of the museum and into the social life of cities and communities. This gem of a novel has a genuine sense of searching; and is a wise and humane tour de force."

Hans Ulrich Obrist

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