We are four regular partners in the association, partners also of a small cooperative, each responsible of their area of concrete work. <strong>María Mur Dean</strong>, <strong>Munts Brunet</strong>, <strong>María Macía</strong> y <strong>Dina Camorino Bua</strong>. All women form a young team that boasts of complementary skills and careers. Some have studied in Humanities and Business, Fine Arts, Sociology, Political Science and Art history. Some have collaborated with art organizations in France and have worked in galleries in London and Madrid. Some have belonged to an art and feminism collective developing an artistic business, some have been working in Consonni for over ten years, some have academic connections by teaching classes at the School of Fine Arts in the University of Pais Vasco, etc.

The team is actually larger, taking into account the artists, the partners, the members, and the accomplices. They have been a great part of the association. The artist of Iparralde, Franck Larcade, founded Consonni in 1997. In that moment the French Institute of Bilbao and Arteleku, Jerome Delormas, Guadalupe Extebarria and Santi Eraso supported the development of the association. In the year 2000 Consonni established their team and created three positions of work for Franck Larcade as director and for Maria Mur Dean and Arantza Perez. In May of 2005 Arantza Perez left consonni and Franck Larcade in September of 2006, when Maria Mur Dean assumed the role as director. In 2007 Maria Salazar came to work in Consonni until 2010. Olaia Miranda and Marielle Uhalde joined the team in 2008 and in 2009 Nerea Ayerbe started working here as well. Furthermore we can not exclude the fundamental support we have received from many people (almost exclusively all girls) that have worked for a certain amount of time in an internship in Consonni and have provided us with creativity, knowledge, and dedication.