14 / 06 / 2022

#08 lumbung stories: all readings

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In this episode you can listen to each author's reading of the first 300 words of their stories in their original language. We invite you to read along with the book in your hands in the language of your choice.

lumbung stories is a project coordinated by the publishing house consonni within the framework of documenta fifteen with the collaboration of 8 publishers. lumbung stories is a book, 8 editions, 7 languages. A radically collective book. Each publisher proposes its usual ecosystem of production and distribution. It raises those who write, those who can make use of fiction, to recreate the idea of the common in an unprecedented way. The Almadía publishing house from Mexico, to write about tequio, presents Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil, who uses Spanish. Txalaparta presents Uxue Alberdi, who writes in Basque, to imagine around the idea of auzolan. From Brazil Dublinense gives us Cristina Judar, writing in Portuguese about mutirãoAl-Mutawassit proposes Nesrine Khoury, who writes in Arabic on naffir and fa-zaarCassava Republic Press presents Panashe Chigumadzi, writing in English about intergenerational and transhistorical struggle through ubuntu. About AllmendeHatje Cantz and documenta fifteen have Mithu Sanyal, who uses German. And about lumbungMarjin Kiri presents the writer Azhari Aiyub, whose language is Indonesian. 

This podcast is part of lumbung radio. We have the presence of the writer Maria Bastarós as announcer, Alberto de la Hoz at the technical controls and with the tune and music of Enternet: Untilted, Aloes: Water intro, Cois agver: LR-RL, Enternet: Geo and Enternet: Beyond. It has been organized by the Basque publishing house consonni and has been produced within the framework of the art event documenta fifteen.

This podcast has been possible thanks to the support of Etxepare Euskal Institutua and Acción Cultural Española.