27 / 02 / 2007

Dulce Consonni

Y hay otro consonni más. Una pastelería polaca. Tienen casi medio centenar de clases de galletas (cookies).

Three generations ago, in a small village near Milan, a small family bakery was founded.
Signor Consonni was the real "maestro" of traditional, hand made bread. After his son, Francesco and Francesco's wife, Mariucia, took over the business, they expanded the range of products to include cakes, cookies, cream cakes and ice cream. For many years of work, they consolidated their position, creating products of the highest standard. No one continued their family tradition in Italy, but they have found it here, in far away Poland.
For ten years, in Kamyk, a little village near Czêstochowa, in small familiar company, the products have been produced "as they used to be in the past".

Entirely usual, but unusually delicious.



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