27 / 01 / 2020

#06 Interplanetary Killjoys

‘What would Barbarella do?’, presented by Arrate Hidalgo, is another programme which consonni presents. In this sonic space, the Bilbao feminist science fiction festival co-ordinator and translator Ansible Fest dissects the key topics on current feminism through science fiction. With scalpel in hand, she takes a speculative text and extracts the debate to look for its mutations in other fiction styles and in contemporary feminist thought. She is accompanied by the critic Laura Lazcano in her section dedicated to audiovisual.

Episode 06: Interplanetary Killjoys

In this episode we will be taking a walk along the extra planetary boundaries of humour from fragments of the short story Unpronounceable (Aqueduct Press), by US author Susan DiRende. We will also be chatting about humour as a tool through a gender kaleidoscope with author Almijara Barbero Carvajal, co-publisher of the anthology Maldita la gracia (Cerbero), and we will be asking one of her chosen authors, Eva Duncan, why Murcia. From Lazcano’s armchair we will be finding out the relationship between science fiction comedy and sex in European and US films. We will tiptoe through the link between comedy and censorship in the story behind the tale ‘Gu ta gutarrak’ by the Argentinian Magdalena Mouján Otaño, and we will explore how happiness orbits all of this at the hand of feminist killjoy archetype, defined by philosopher Sara Ahmed in her essay The Promise of Happiness (Caja Negra).

Unpronounceable - Susan DiRende
“Un cactus a la sombra” (en Maldita la gracia) - Eva Duncan
“Gu ta gutarrak” - Magdalena Mouján Otaño
La promesa de la felicidad - Sarah Ahmed (t. Hugo Salas)

Films and TV shows
Galaxina (1980, William Sachs)
The Love Factor (1969, Michael Cort)
Flesh Gordon (1974, Howard Ziehm)
Sleeper (1973, Woody Allen)
Quien quiere matar a Jessie (1966, Vaclav Vorlicek)
Sex Mission (1984, Juliusz Machulski)

Electrocute - Tiger Toy
The sex has made me stupid - Robots in disguise
You’ve changed - Sia
Tourist ez go home - Kau kori kura
Qué felicidad - ¡Pelea!
Mr Roboto - Styx

Radio music
Program's music: Barbarella - Georff Love & His Orchestra
Music of “La butaca de Lazcano”: Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John
Readings section: Seed of the Crown - Disasterpeace, Duga 3 - Chekiboru