17/07 - 28/07 2006

Arteleku, Donostia

Arteleku, the cultural association Synmarc and the culture management company Amasté organised the first edition of Dinamik(tt)ak, art summer camps directed at teenagers. Ten of them were awarded a grant to cover their participation, and food and accommodation in Arteleku. They were given the chance to become familiar with the professionalisation of contemporary art with the help of the people working on different cultural projects. Also explained to them were the challenges to be faced and how to extend creativity to communication and financing functions.
In this respect, apart from Ubiqua, Iñaki Imaz, Mikel Arbiza, Xaiber Erkiza, My Jok, Julio Cesar Palacios, Saioa Olmo and Pripublikarrak, consonni provided an overview of its projects and experience to date, while they cooked, dined and breakfasted with these teenagers. Between courses, workshops and camps, the youngsters visited workshops, museums, culture halls and culture management companies in Vitoria- Gasteiz, Bilbao and Donostia.
Dinamik(tt)ak is part of the programme "I’m almost 18", a project about young people today designed by themselves.