08/07 - 14/07 2007

Fundación Rodriguez - Vic

The words structures, networks and collectives are separated by hyphens in the title; they are ideas which, in principle, have nothing in common, but their broad semantic fields conjure up images and lead us to ask questions about their internal connections and their true meaning in our sphere of work.

The structures of the artistic institution have become complex, in view of the fact that the circumstances relating to production have developed towards new territories far beyond the scope of the different disciplines. It is no longer possible to understand production unrelated to a new critical environment that reveals how work, politics and art coincide in the same attitude.

The progressive inflation of the idea of network makes us wonder to what extent it affects our creative project and our life. It would seem that negotiating the creative anxiety arising from the fascination with new technological possibilities is indispensable for recovering “the lost interval”.

Therefore, collective work, as a fundamental element of a new concept of production, of a revised notion of author, of a flexible concept of subjectivity and of an intellectually active network questions the individualistic logic promoted by today’s society, which is most explicitly reflected in art markets.