Contemporary art and the artist´s situation in Basque Country

06/05 - 16/05 2009

Hika Ateneo

II Certamen de Arte Hormonado is an initiative that seeks to spread the young artists, little trading and conventional, in short, that their proposals are not fit easily into traditional circuits. The group, formed by students and graduates of Fine Arts at the UPV / EHU, is the speaker of a generation that seeks a place for art of the people who are newly licensed. La Cuchara proposed to participate in a chat to discuss contemporary art and the artist's situation in Euskadi. Address the issue through the course of consonni thus analyze, criticize and subvert systems and markets for contemporary art. Scrutinize the consonni's work is analyze the functioning of contemporary art and the role of artists in it. Without forgetting the situation that is going on these days with both a cultural policy schizophrenia.