HPC@PM_S02. Walter Benjamin is back!

11/04 - 11/04 2013

Museo de Reproducciones de Bilbao

With “The problem lies in the medium”, Pablo Marte’s project for HPC, sets out to rethink categories such as imitation, copy, remake, reproduction, repetition, plagiarism, fake or falsification, interpretation or inspiration, simulacrum, parody, pastiche, burlesque, satire… Words that point to a particular link between one cultural product and another that preceded it; a lengthy citation alluding to subjects within a historic relation, or a rethinking of the relationship itself, which amounts to the same thing. It is very fitting to kick off with this theme, given that consonni’s programming for this venue is inspired precisely by a previous cultural product (i.e. Woolf’s novel).

Session 2. ¨The Unmaking of Art¨ its lecture by Walter Benjamin, philosopher and art theorist about original and copy, who past away in 1940, reappears after his tragic death.

Thursday 11th April,

6pm at Bilbao Reproductions Museum (San Francisco 14). 


full program:

- Session 0.  Visit from a film archive selected by Pablo Marte: 2026 de Maha Maamoun; “Copycat”  de Tjasa Kancler & Anja Steidinger; “Ya viene, aguanta, riégueme, mátame” de Los Hijos y “El enemigo” de Vicente Vázquez y Usue Arrieta

From March 21st to April 30th, at consonni (Conde Mirasol 13).

- Session 1. Around “Pretty Woman and other stories, a film with Alexander Kluge”, by Pablo Marte.

Thursday 21st March. 19:00h at consonni (Conde Mirasol 13).

- Session 2. Lecture by the philosopher Walter Benjamin, dead in 1940.

Thursday 11th April 18:00 at Bilbao Reproductions Museum (C/ San Francisco 14).

- Session 3. Dramatisation of a fragment of “The aesthetics of resistance” by Peter Weiss. In collaboration with the artist Karin Dolk and the freelance language trainer Alicja Bradel 

Saturday 11th May. 19:30h at consonni (Conde Mirasol 13).