curators network

04/07 - 06/07 2013

Intermediae, Madrid

consonni takes part in a seminar called "art and society" directed by  Joost de Bloois and organized by Hablarenarte as part of the Curators’ Network.

“Let us be known; let us be seen, and let us shine”, takes its name from a press release for an exhibition of Fine Art Students of the University of Massachusett, in 2009, titled “Shameless self-promotion”. Based on this title we want to reflect with this event on the experiences generated during the first three years of our network.

Between June 27 and July 14 2013 Curators’ Network organizes a showcase of the outcomes of its recent activities at Intemediae, at the Center for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid. Curators‘ Network seeks to give this event aneminently international focus, inviting both curators and artists who have participated in the various meetings of Curators’ Network, as well as cultural agents who are interested in collaborating with the network.