Performer Cabello/Carceller

27/10 - 03/11 2013

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Imagen de la actividad

World premiere of Performer of Cabello/Carceller at BAD festival


There will be two sessions, one on Sunday 27 and the other one Sunday 3rd of November. At 7pm in the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts.


Performance of undetermined duration that can occasionally accompany the video projection Performer departs from absurdity to ironically discuss some of the problems around the multiple attempts to ‘museify’ performance works. It tries to analyze the difficulties of submitting intentionally dematerialized and ephemeral projects to the logics of art market and conservation rules, especially when these are applied to works that were originally thought to transgress those specific logics.Stored as one more work o art, and registered with the rest of ‘objects’ in the Museum Collection storage areas -Sculpture Section-, a performer spends her time reflecting and reading out loud about some paradoxes that surround contemporary artistic practice.