Forum D´Avignon Bilbao

05/03 - 07/03 2014

Alhóndiga BIlbao

For the first time, Bilbao is the venue for the Forum d’Avignon, the debate forum on culture in Europe. An international meeting in which art, architecture, politics and entrepreneurship professionals will analyse the different aspects of ‘The city as a cultural ecosystem’.

consonni takes part in differents moments:

March 5. RAW (Research Action Workshop). (From 9.00 to 18.00)

RAW is a space for reflection, warm-up and idea testing before the Forum d’Avignon-Bilbao. The aim of RAW is to use a cross-cutting approach to look at local ideas and experiences together with artists and cultural agents, through debates and activities connected with art and culture in contemporary contexts. The results of the ideas lab currently being prepared by Ixiar Garcia for the Forum Avignon-Bilbao on the basis of her work SOFT will be presented at this session.


THREE WORKSHOPS. Moderators:  María Arana / Gorka Rodriguez (Zaramari), María Salazar (Klinika de Proyectos) / Nani Soriano (La Noria, Málaga) y Ricardo Antón (ColaBoraBora). 

Debate leaders: María Mur Dean (consonni) and María Ptqk. 

Full programme RAW


March 6. Discussion 1: Dialogue between what is public and private in the field of creation. 10.00-11.45 

The forum will also include four debates on 6 and 7 March. consonni takes part in the first panel discussion. From their wesite: "Global analysis is necessary in a setting where the policies implemented by the public authorities and the actions of the private sector design the so-called cultural eco-systems of the city. In this context, we will consider some experiences of how to address this complexity that have been so successful for their respective cities. Ultimately, those experiences re-establish the link between the creative and artistic community and the general public, who are the ultimate recipients of a common asset: culture."

José Luis Rebordinos, Director of San Sebastian Film Festival

Jean Blaise, Director of "Le Voyage à Nantes: culture et tourisme"

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, former Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Iceland
Maria Mur Dean, Director of Consonni, Bilbao
Gail Lord, Co-President of Lord Cultural Resources, Canada
Joxean Muñoz, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Basque Government


Full Programme Forum


consonni es además uno de los espacios que se visita el 6 de marzo por la tarde como parte de un recorrido por el barrio de Bilbao La Vieja.