Gau Irekia: Moonshakers

17/12 - 17/12 2016

consonni, Conde Mirasol, 9, Bilbao

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Gau Irekia: Moonshakers, office concert

One more year Gau Irekia arrives to the neighborhood!! Neighbors, artists, spaces, social and cultural agents from San Francisco, Zabala and Bilbao La Vieja will participate. 
Coinciding with te 20 anniversary of consonni, we have prepared an special activity: An office concert by Moonshakers. It will take place the Saturday 17th of December at 19h.

Limited capacity inside the office: 20 people. It will also be possible to see and listen the concert from the outside.
See you there!

Full program of Gau Irekia here.

Gau Irekia