Art & Radio

22/03 - 22/03 2018

Azkuna Zentroa

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Listen the Radio Show consonni with Azkuna Zentroa: "Art & Radio":

Radio Show consonni with Azkuna Zentroa “Arte & Radio”

The next Thursday, 22nd of March we will celebrate our first Radio Shown consonni with Azkuna Zentroa of the year.

In this cause we will tackle the relation between radio and art from different perspectives. Miguel Álvarez Fernandez (Ars Sonora) will manage the session with Alberto de la Hoz as technician; Anna Ramos (Radio Web MACBA), José Luis Espejo (Radio Reina Sofía y (in)dependent curator and investigator Sonia Fernández Pan (Esnorquel), Juan Jesús Torres (Radio BiB-Rambla), the artist Amaia Urra, the poetess and researcher María Salgado, the composer and multidisciplinary artist José Iges, and more names who are to be confirmed will take part in this Radio Show. Leire Palacios will give voice to the questions and reflections of the public.

Different professionals will analyse this dialogue between radio and art from different perspectives and practises: podcasting, sound art, radio art, radios from art institutions, free radios, cultural criticism… It will be a great opportunity to enjoy sound pieces, performances and live talks. 

There will be some radios broadcasting the radio show. Such as, Casares Irratia (Donostia), TEA FM (Zaragoza) and Radio Vallekas (Madrid).

 DATE: 22nd of March, Thursday (7.15 pm)
 PLACE: Azkuna Zentroa (CAC 2)
 TICKETS: Free access with ticket obtained beforehand from Infopuntua

Follow us with the hashtag #consonniRadioconAZ

Resident collective in the Azkuna Zentroa:

Throughout 2018 and 2019 consonni is to be the resident collective in the framework of the Amphitryon program of the Azkuna Zentroa.  We will be organising different radio programs with a live public that will be broadcast online and deal with diverse issues involving different professionals. These shows will subsequently be available for consultation as podcasts on the websites of the Azkuna Zentroa and consonni. We will also be developing a program of podcasts.