Speech sound

31/05 - 31/05 2018

Azkuna Zentroa, (Atrium)

Imagen de la actividad

‘Speech Sound is consonni’s new Radio Show as the resident collective under the Amphitryon residency programme.It will be the 31st of May, Thursday, inside the programme Prototipoak, the international meeting of new artistic forms, curated by Rosa Casado and Mike Brookes. However, and above all, it is the title of a science fiction story by Octavia E. Butler, who won the prestigious Hugo Award for the best short story and for the first time in 1984. The story is about an illness which suddenly affects the ability to speak and/or read, write and reason; mainly to right handed and men. In a defeated civilisation, Butler tells the story of Rye, a woman who tries to cross the 20 miles to Pasadena among people whose only reliable form of communication are groans and violent, obscene and unintelligible gestures.

We have invited different people to read, listen, interpret, analyse, draw, sing and dance this chilling inspirational text by a must-read author for feminist science fiction and afrofuturism. Within the context of feminism, anthropology, psychology, sociology, radio theatre, berstolaritza (Basque improvised poetry), activism, dance, music, sign language, and performance, etc.,

We will count on the presence of the journalist and speaker Alicia San Juan, Miguel Deza, Stel García and Chusé Fernandez from the radio theater school TEA FM, Radio Vallekas, the sociologist and educator Helen Torres, the audiovisual and literary translator Carla Batallerthe (in)dependent curator and investigator Sonia Fernández Pan (Esnorquel), the teacher and researcher Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz, the journalist and bertsolari (Basque improvised poetry) Nerea Ibarzabal, the journalist and feminist activist Irantzu Varela, the social worker and feminist Hilaria Vianekethe painter and illustrator Pablo Gallointermedia artist Tunipanea, the dancer and choreographer Bea Fernández, the choreographer Eulàlia Berguedà with the musician Marc Naya, the artist Xoan Anleothe collective Horman Poster with the senegalese dancer and musician MBaye Sene, the performer Myriam Rzm, the musician Ok­kre (in collaboration with Eomac), and many other names yet to be confirmed.
This time, we rethink about radio shows and we will broadcast from our radio studio situated in the Atrium of Azkuna Zentroa. Until the end of 2019 we will be the resident collective in Azkuna Zentroa inside the programme Amhpitryon. You are invited to listen to this four hour radio broadcast from home, bus, underground, in the street, at work, in a restaurant, etc., or in the Atrium of Cultures. From 4.00pm to 6.30pm the most on-site and stage events will take place. We encourage you to come along and enjoy them live in Atrium of the cultural centre.

There will be some radios broadcasting the radio show. Such as, Casares Irratia (Donostia), TEA FM (Zaragoza) and Radio Vallekas (Madrid).

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Nerea Ibarzabal Salegi (Markina-Xemein, Bizkaia, 1994) is a Bizkaian bertsolari and journalist, member of the creative Txakur Gorria collective. 

Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz is a Professor of Sociology at the EHU-UPV and researcher at INNOLAB (Social Change, Innovation and Complexity Research Group). His areas of interest are identity sociology, science and technology social studies and cultural sociology, particularly in the areas of art and gastronomy. 

Carla Bataller Estruch translates all kinds of books from to Afro-futurist novels by Nnedi Okorafor to the nineties’ horror novels by Poppy Z. Brite. In her spare time she does audiovisual translation and she translates for platforms like Netflix, HBO and Valencia television, among others. She is the creator of the Adopt an authoress project, which aims to provide greater visibility for authoresses’ worldwide. 

Pablo Gallo (A Coruña, 1975) is an illustrator and painter, author of the works: Libro de las Invocaciones, Dibujar en la oscuridad, Manual de ruleta rusa, Hiperhíbridos and El Libro del Voyeur. He is a member of Comando psicográfico performative duet. 

Estel García is the main presenter of the programme Aquí La Tierra, on Hit Radio Huesca and has frequently collaborated with TEA FM. She also collaborates with the Pablo Serrano Museum radio station as the institutional voice. She studied dubbing and interpretation in Barcelona and Zaragoza, and is experienced in the field of choral singing and voice education. 

Miguel Deza is a presenter, actor and dubbing artist. He is responsible for the artistic management of TEA FM radio drama, and is also a frequent guest of the Madrid company Audiodrama. He teaches at the CPA Salduie Foundation and provides training on dubbing and radio drama. He has directed and taken part in tens of works in this genre. 

Chuse Fernandez is a sound creator and radio trainer at Spanish and Latin American universities and specialised centres. He is the Co-ordinator for the TEA FM Radio School and director of the International Radio Drama and Sound Fiction Congress. He frequently carries out and produces the environmental sound lines of TEA FM Radio Drama series and works. 

Helen Torres grew up in Argentina, studied English, political science and sociology. She lives in La Floresta, Catalunya. She goes hiking every day and her work involves educating, writing, translating and experimenting in relation to the idea that language is an open code technology which creates reality. She started out in the world of feminist science fiction at the hand of Donna Haraway and loves Ursula Le Guin. 

Myriam Rzm is a creator, performer and sound experimenter. She explores noise, improvisation, corporal action/interaction, DIY/DIWO devices/instruments, feedback, effects, and loops, etc.

Sonia Fernández Pan, investigates, writes though art and she is an (in)dependent curator. Author of esnorquel since 2011, a personal project which is an on-line archive, focused on the Barcelonan context through texts, podcasts and written talks. She is the editor of A espera (La Capella 2014-2015), Microfísica del dibujo (Espazo Normal, 2015), Diógenes sin complejo (Hangar, 2015) and the annual cycle The more we know about them, the stranger they become (Arts Santa Mònica, 2017).