consonni at Aeromoto (México City)

21/11 - 21/11 2018

Aeromoto - Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

Imagen de la actividad

The next Wednesday, 21st of November, we will be at Mexico City in the public library Aeromoto, talking about our editorial consonni in company of the great Veronica Gerber.

We will present cosnonni and the projects we are currently doing, and we will show our latest proyects: Teoría de la retaguardia, from Iván de la Cruz and Video Green, from Chris Kraus.  Also, the mexican writer and artist Verónica Gerber will accompany us. The last year we had the pleassure to do a workshop with her: taller_con_textos. 

Aditional information

is a publishers based in an independent cultural space located in the San Francisco district of Bilbao. Since 1996 we have been producing critical culture and at present we have opted for the printed word – together with the word that is whispered, heard, silenced or recited; the word that becomes action, that becomes body. From the expanded field of art, literature, the radio and education, our ambition is to alter the world that we inhabit and in turn to be altered by it.

Verónica Gerber Bicecci.
 She is an artist that writes. She has published two books: Mudanza (2010, Almadia Editorial) and Conjunto vacío (2017, Pepitas de Calabaza). Some of her latest projects and performances are:  Palabras migrantes (2017) at the Art Association, Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Los hablantes No. 2 (2016), at the Amparo Museum, Puebla; and El vacío amplificado (2016), at the Casa–Taller José Clemente Orozco, Guadalajara. She resides in Mexico City, and she es editor in the Tumbona edition cooperative and tutor of the Seminario de Producción Fotográfica del Centro de la Imagen. find out more here: