Radio show consonni

Gau Irekia 2018

15/12 - 15/12 2018
consonni, esquina de la calle Cortes con Conde Mirasol
Imagen de la actividad

Radio show consonni músicas del barrio

One more year Gau Irekia comes to the neighborhood!
Gau Irekia is a full of social and cultural activities evening located in different spaces and streets in San Francisco, Bilbao la Vieja and Zabala neighborhoods.

This activity, in which neighbors, spaces, artists and social and cultural agents will take part, will be organized by
Sarean.We have prepared a very special radio show for the next Saturday, 15th of December. There will be live audience and we will present our program from consonni store window. The program will be conducted by the host Alicia San Juan y Alberto de la Hoz will manage the technical part.

We want to give a stroll around the neighborhood through its music and listen together a collective and daily soundtrack.
By now, Bar Txondorra Berria, Bilborock (itinerante), Bilborock, Urbanbat, Centro Cívico San Francisco, Caostica, Estudio de fotografía Bego Elexpe, Hasiera, Mari Makeda, Museo de Reproducciones, Pikara, Tira Ta Floja, Yoruba and friends.. will take part in the neighbor´s soundtrack.

We are waiting for you!

Download the full program here.