Phoenix Ragazza #02

22/10 - 22/10 2019
Alhóndiga Bilbao, Atrio - Estudio de Radio
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How many films have you seen on the recommendation of a friend? How many scenes have you imagined through someone else's story? And how many images have you created yourself, while you described to a lover that gesture which captivated you so?

The relationship between film and radio is an interesting one. The screen appears to be indispensable for the cinema but, at the same time, we always make cinema greater beyond the screen´s limits, transforming ears into eyes and watching through our ears. Similarly, we enjoy those conversations about films which have yet to be shot. That is also cinema.

The history of canonical cinema has been constructed upon images made by men. But we will work on films directed by women using cinematographic elements which are not images. Playing. Experimenting. Words, sounds, music, stories, news, thoughts, letters. Because we believe that there are many ways of watching films.

Lur Olaizola and Jone Uriarte met one summer. In the summer of 2015. Not just any old summer and not on any old beach. To begin with, they were wearing safety helmets and size XXL yellow reflective vests. That day they would visit their new workplace:  a movie theatre and an exhibition hall under construction. Although reported to be haunted, within a few months the site would become a new contemporary culture centre: Tabakalera. Currently, Lur is the coordinator of the film department and Jone works in the exhibition department. 

Jone always endeavours to go to the films programmed by Lur, and Lur never misses the opportunity to attend the exhibition openings. Now, finally, their conversations and conspiracies regarding images, works, texts, sounds, scripts, rhythms, dreams and dances converge in Phoenix Ragazza, their first project together.


Episode #02. Tuesday 22th October, 6:00pm - 7:00pm. 'Spell Reel'

In the second session of Phoenix Ragazza we will take the movie Spell Reel as a starting point. A collective film created by the Portuguese artist and filmmaker Filipa César. On the axis of the proyect is the archive of the militant cinema of Guinea-Bissau: images and sounds that show the war of independence against the Portuguese colony (1963-1974). When the file was recovered in 2011, it was in a very bad state, just like the country's own history. What to do with an image and sound file that reaches your hands? Itziar Orbegozo, Maddi Barber, Mirari Echávarri and Tamara García will be the guests who will answer this question.