27 / 01 / 2020

BALCK SURGERY|Tracheotomy #3

BLACK SURGERY | Steal like an artist’ is an experimental radio programme where Liben Svaart tackles the idea of stealing like an artist applied to music. In this laboratory-programme songs will be composed from scratch using improvisation, creating techniques and experiments.

Liben Svaart is a sound artist and musician. She works in DTP, which she co-ordinates with Art studies, specialising in Art & Technology. She is currently promoting her first album ‘In Red’, available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

#03 Tracheotomy
In this episode we talk about Intellectual Property from the author’s* music* point of view, exploring the tools available to detect possible plagiarism of our creations. We will be tuning into Intangia to bring back words from their first programme and experiment with pitch tracker using it as a creation tool.