05 / 12 / 2018


`Voices in the garden´, presented by the journalist Alicia San Juan, is another programme which consonni will be presenting during this last quarter of the year, where we will be talking with professionals from different fields who share reflections and exchange impression. Voices that talk, caress, discuss, answer and differ. Voices in a garden of critical culture.

This programme belongs to our particular radio station, consonni radio con AZ, which is part of the programme of Amphitryon Artistic Residences in Alhóndiga Bilbao.

#02 Episode: Challenges

The drop in book sales and closure of several bookshops has cornered the classic bookshop concept although without extinguishing it. There are districts and cities which have been left without bookshops and now have one again. Is there a new life for these establishments?

We talk to the booksellers Javier Nevado (ANTI Liburudenda), Paz Gil (Librería Gil) and Josu Mazas (Libro Bilbao), book experts, lovers and abettors, who defy the most pessimistic predictions and convey their literary passion to us in the second episode of ‘Voices in the Garden'.