03 / 05 / 2019

CONTRACÖMIC #01 - "New looks"

Contracömic is a radio programme presented by Borja Crespo and Elizabeth Casillas which aims to discover other worlds in this one, via a comic and its multiple possibilities. The fanzine as an artistic object, self-publication as a form of expression, a comic as activism and a critical tool, the committed cartoon, etc. It is focused on exploring the crossed fertilisation between the graphic medium and other arts, giving a voice to new trends, discovering new talents and essential authors which have opened up new expression channels. Contracömic conceives a public interested in culture in general and comics in particular.

Episode #01. New looks

In this first CONTRACÖMIC episode, a map of new trends in the medium will be drawn up. We will also discuss the avant-gardes revolutionising the comic concept and we will be chatting to María Medem, one of the most interesting emerging artists, and recently awarded a prize as Revelation Author in the last edition of Comic Barcelona. During our talk, we will be returning to an old debate which, after the publication of ‘Cadencia’, the new work by Roberto Massó, returns to the forefront: What is a comic?