22 / 06 / 2012

consonni in IASPIS

consonni used the great opportunity of being in residency at Iaspis by using the studio as a mobile office to generate a meeting point to talk about how consonni works. To talk about its projects and those currently underway, such as ENPAP (European Network for Public Art Producers) and a research project about the concept of production: “Bird and ornithologist at the same time”. 

The June 18th, a presentation took place in between the personal and the public, the professional and the casual, the intimate and the strange, the extraordinary and the usual – a conversation about ways of working; the conditions of contemporary art in different contexts; communication with the artists; curating vs producing;  the political and the public in contemporary art practices.  Was a moment to talk with some of consonni’s usual accomplices living in the city, such as Marti Manen (freelance curator and art critic). The presentation of consonni was also be celebrated with some Basque and Spanish food. Great moment! thanks to all the IASPIS team (Lisa, Jonatan, Suzi, Urika, Linda, Annika...).

2012. Bird cum ornithologist z.admin

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