01 / 11 / 2009


Films programming ZINEBI 51


By Virginia Villaplana and produced by consonni
Zinebi 51, from 21st to the 26th of November, Bilbao
Saturday 21st
Torre Street (In front of Bizitza, Kukusoak, Zazpi Bide Taberna, Zulo y Ormaetxe).
From 20.30h to 01h am
Soft Fiction infiltrates the streets, the films narratives mix with regular Saturday night conversations in an emblematic spot of the Casco Viejo, the old quarter of Bilbao.
Extracts of Soft Fiction will be screened.
Mujer trama by Virginia Villaplana.
Boy meet girl by Eugenia Balcells.

SESSION 1. 102 min
Tuesday 24th
Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao. 8 pm.

Presentation of the film programming by the artist Virginia Villaplana and projection of: “Soft Fiction” by Chick Strand (54 min)
Sink or swim by Su Friedrich (48 min)
SESSION 2. 140 min
Wednesday 25th
Bilborock. 8 pm.

November by Hito Steyerl (25 min)
Lovely Andrea by Hito Steyerl (30 min)
Mi vida, segunda parte by Angelika Levy (85min) 
SESSION 3. 104 min
Thursday 26th
Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao. 8 pm.

With the participation of the filmmaker Sandra Schäfer who presents her video.
Passing the rainbow by Sandra Schäfer and Elfe Brandenburger (71 min)
La memoria interior by María Ruido (33min).

more info: www.consonni.org



Boy Meets Girl
Directress: Eugenia Balcells
Year: 1978
The Eugenia Balcells artwork has been developed in different disciplines as the performance, the video, the cinema or the installation. Boy Meets Girl in his original form is a 16mm film realized in 1978 where is treated one of the recurrent theme of this artwork like the critic of the stereotype models of masculinity and femininity linked overall through the Medias.
The film was realized with more of one thousand images which come from newspapers, magazines, advertising, etc… In this case this method is used to show an archetype portrait offers by the Medias about the contemporary man and woman.

Mujer trama
Directress: Virginia Villaplana
Year: 1997
This piece sums a large of the preoccupations of Virginia Villaplana in turn of the perverse effects that the setting in performance of the image in the media society where we live, produced in the treatment and the valorization of the women bodies. The origin of the exercise it’s an image of advertising, taken in the media, in which you can see a young woman who seems hearting, abandoned in a secret place, presented to sell fashion.  Virginia open a thinking about the using of this kind of images of vexing and attack in the medias, and the dangerous that can generate these decontextualization.

Soft Fiction
Directress: Chick Strand
Year: 1979
Nationality: United States
Soft Fiction is 54 minutes of black and white film that shows you 5 narrations of women which build visually as testimonies at the first person.  The Soft Fiction stories flow so that one of them would reveal secrets at an unknown in a train.  There are very private and personal, but drawn up into a vanguard films compositions, a documental, an ethnographic film and a soft pornography, Strand pretends that we begin to question the way that the femininity pleasures are represented and experimented in the patriarchal culture. The ethnographic asks that the film seems to do are: What are the narratives and visual components of the (hetero)sexuality of the white women in the middle class? How are they interpreted and implemented?

Sink or Swim
Directress: Su Friedrich
Year: 1990
This film uses the swimming as a link in the relation between the film-maker and this father in this childhood: Autobiographical resonances through the idea of telling the memory by using the alphabet.
Directress: Hito Steyerl
Year: 2004
Documental essay based on the life of an intimate friend-Andrea Wolf- assassinated in 1998 as a Kurdish terrorist in the East of Anatolia. Even if it was based, on the basic way, about the Wolf life’s, who before this assassinate has been suspected of revolutionary activities and accused to take part of the Red Army Fraction in Germany, the documental questions what we actually we consider as terrorism. November shows the subjectivities, the gests and the positions which contribute to the creation of defined individual as authors or victims.
Lovely Andrea
Directress: Hito Steyerl
Year: 2007
Lovely Andrea keeps on the investigation initiated with the film November about the new forms that information technologies impressed to the construction o sexual symbols and icons. The film based it on the search of a photography took in Tokyo around 1987 which shows the artist Hito Steyerl semi naked and tied up: An image of slavery at the nawa-shibari style, characterized by tied up women with a rope and hanging on the air. An esthetic act that acquired an erotic dimension at the final of the XIX s. and the beginning of the XXs.
Mein Lebel Teil 2. Mi Vida, Parte Segunda
Directress: Angelika Levi
Year: 2003
The film is a box into a box. Out it develops the family history, the story of the mother life. The spectator discovers that the mother leg has been arranged in way of establishing what things have been repressed, moved and it stays to rectify.
Passing the Rainbow
Directresses: Sandra Schäfer y Elfe Brandenburger
Year: 2007
Passing the Rainbow is a documentary film by about actors and actresses, as well as the methods of subverting the rigid social norms in Afghan society.
What does it mean to adopt a male appearance in order to find work on the employment market and, in so doing, to circumvent the ban on work for women introduced during the Taliban-Regime? And why do women practice the profession of acting, a profession for the most part considered “disreputable” in Afghan society?
La Memoria Interior
Directress: Maria Ruido
Year: 2002
This documental of creation, produce of a trip in Germany and a personal investigation of more than 2 years, speaks about the theme of the memory construction and the mechanisms of the history construction.


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