26 / 09 / 2018

Irratian kulturarekin lanean: teletipoa, kalea eta museoa #01

‘Titania’ is the new radio slot which consonni has entrusted to the versatile journalist Tania Arriaga. From a highly personal and eccentric point of view this presenter discovers and comprehends the relationship between culture, communication, lesbianism and money.

Most of the content we listen on the radio is cultural content. This program´s guests are the responsible for informing about these contents in different media and radios. We will ask them different questions about how to manage the information about activities and cultural proposals in the city.

In order to understand the relation between cultural journalism, the artists and the cultural agents, we will talk with Rosi Guarrotxena (Bizkaia Irratia), Ane Zabala (Bilbo Hiria irratia) and Idoia Jauregi (Euskadi Irratia).