10 / 10 / 2016


The Question: How (from your experience and perspective) do artistic practices create public sphere?

(…)“In what way do artistic practices contribute to creating the public sphere?” Rather than creating it, I think they transform it. The great value of art is the capacity to transform people and to see reality with another gaze. That is what is most interesting from my point of view and is why I have dedicated myself to it. Although rather than constructing, it is a question of transforming; obviously, when there is a transformation something new is constructed. So for that reason I think that artistic practices are vital in the public sphere. Understanding that the public sphere refers to this whole shared, virtual and real maelstrom. (…) I think that at the present time there is a bidirectional influence in the Azkuna Zentroa. (…) And I believe that it is precisely in that bidirectional encounter where the capacity to unite and practice art is found. I think that is what we are working for, but the fact is it’s not easy, not at all easy.