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Eider Corral

¿Cómo construyen las prácticas artísticas esfera pública? / How is the public sphere constructed through artistic practices?


Rather than describing and delimiting artistic practices as something “public”, in line with the notion of “public art”, what we propose here is to work on the more diffuse concept of the “public sphere”. This widens and disseminates the gaze involved in the operation – made possible by art – of analysing and representing common affairs. LaPublika moves amongst the folds of the public, the private, the common, the intimate, the square, the white cube, the institutional, conflicts, the democratic, the sonorous, images, narratives, discourse, conversation, dialogue, the whisper, the shout, the creak and many other nouns that come and go.

The publication that you are holding collects documentation from the LaPublika project, a laboratory of artistic research on the public sphere. Directed and coordinated by the art producer and publisher consonni and co-produced by Donostia / San Sebastián 2016 and Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture, LaPublika is a project that has received support from multiple organizations and institutions and from diverse collaborators.