. En Arteleku, Donostia
Arteleku, the cultural association Synmarc and the culture management company Amasté organised the first edition of Dinamik(tt)ak, art summer camps directed at teenagers. Ten of them were awarded a grant to cover their participation, and food and accommodation in Arteleku. They were given the chance to become familiar with the professionalisation of contemporary art with the help of the people working on different cultural projects. Also explained to them were the challenges to be faced and how to extend creativity to communication and financing functions.


. Fundación Rodriguez - Vic
The words structures, networks and collectives are sep

ARCO. Foro Internacional de Expertos

. Madrid
Durante la Feria ARCO, consonni participó en el Foro Internacional de Expertos en Arte Contemporáneo dentro del ciclo ' Nuevos Mercados y Posibilidades Comerciales en el Arte Contemporáneo'. consonni estuvo en la mesa organizada por Amasté y dirigida por Ricardo Antón que trató de responder a preguntas como: ¿Cuáles podrían ser los nuevos mercados y posibilidades comerciales en el arte contemporáneo? ¿Cómo será el ARCO del s. XXI?

Fine Arts Faculty. Basque Country University

. Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
A living dead man, a zombi, is the least glamorous of the prominent figures that has the cinema. Without conscience, neither ambition nor personality, the non-dead man is an anti tragic hero, a parody of the ideal citizen. Terror, science fiction or simply fiction are often used to dissect reality with greater crudeness than a documentary which aims at representing the truth.


. Espacio Abisal
Tentacle(s) , a series of activities organized by Espacio Abisal, from which it intends to question the figure of the artist in the current context and reflect on the nature of the artistic field. - Thursday, January 15, at 19:00 in Anti-Liburudenda (Dos de Mayo, 2), will be a chat about the art market 'from different positions within the management, production or dissemination of contemporary culture. AMASTÉ , ANTI-, Animatu, Aiora Kintana and Funky Proyects involved.

Trabeska by Gerard Ortín

Forest trail, performance and artistic intervention With artist Gerard Ortin as guide “Nature (that reified, mythical thing over yonder in the mountains, in our DNA, wherever) dissolves when we look directly at it”. Tim Morton, Queer Ecology (2010)

Contemporary art and the artist´s situation in Basque Country

. Hika Ateneo
II Certamen de Arte Hormonado is an initiative that seeks to spread the young artists, little trading and conventional, in short, that their proposals are not fit easily into traditional circuits. The group, formed by students and graduates of Fine Arts at the UPV / EHU, is the speaker of a generation that seeks a place for art of the people who are newly licensed. La Cuchara proposed to participate in a chat to discuss contemporary art and the artist's situation in Euskadi.

Bilbao and the art

. Instituto Cervantes - Estocolmo
As much as the Guggenheim Museum is Bilbao's flagship, th city had different art centers and platforms which operates successfully. This event will present three of which have positioned at the root of urban regeneration: The agency Amasté works on a line that combines art, youth and media. consonni, an art producer invites artists to create artistic projects; and the gallery Carreras Múgica revolutionize the art market in the city. Ricardo Antón (Amasté), Maria Mur (consonni) and Ignacio Múgica (Carreras Múgica) will discuss new options for art.

Without rounding the ends. University of Barcelona

. Universidad de Barcelona
The figure of the production hardly exists as a mediating agent in an unstructured system of art. And yet, paradoxically, the word production is taking a leading role in art, but not always in the intangible sense consonni claimed, and rarely as praxis and reflection to the same time. During the workshop, we undressed the work processes involving the immaterial production, understood as a process of communication.

Consonni in Untitled Bcn

. Galería Untitled Bcn
In Untitled Bcn showing from 6 to 11 February, which is a production of art, which is based on immaterial production work consonni advocates and what their