2006. DVD and archives with a selection of works produced by consonni between 1997 and 2004. Arteleku’s newspaper library

Following almost 10 years of collaboration, consonni has deposited archives with a selection of works produced by consonni between 1997 and 2004 in Arteleku, giving priority to those in which Arteleku participated as co-producer. It is a record of the visible and invisible. The archives comprise two types of support: a DVD and a set of files. In keeping with the nature of the works produced, their materiality or immateriality, their uniqueness or reproducibility, in the DVD, the consonni archives use different means for representing the same (animation slides/audio/video/photographs/text). Theconsonni archives is not a work of art but rather a database and documentation that provides access to a series of works. The files contain a folder with the technical specifications, the media presence and diverse graphic material that makes up each production, together with contracts, letters, licences and other curious details that reveal the working process.

The entire lot has been deposited in Arteleku media library for free consultation. The public thus has access not only to the diverse finished works but also to the ins and outs of contemporary production. Arteleku has once again become the mainstay for the most experimental artistic panorama, and, specifically, for consonni. The centre, located in San Sebastian, always vigilant regarding the complexities of contemporary production, seeks and investigates the best options for collaboration. Arteleku is a catalysing element for synergies and, placing its documentation in the centre’s newspaper library implies a more dynamic flow of information