Artium. Plaza, urban lounge

Place and date:

Artium Museum (Vitoria-Gasteiz), 2009- 2010

Press release

2009. A research about public sphere taking the square of the Artium museum as case study. Vitoria- Gasteiz

Artium wants to activate its relation with the environment where is located, with the city, with Vitoria-Gasteiz, and as aim, the relation of the Institution-Museum with the Society. For it, they entrust to Consonni a project that is formalized in the transformation of its inside square in a real public space, square that in these moments is the paradigm of the public space without public use. And when analyzing a museum  through Artiums´ critical intent as museum, it leads us to wonder about the role of the art in relation to the public, the relationship of museums with their host cities nowadays, its evolution as institution, mission and aims…

In a first stage, work is to be undertaken under the supervision of the architect Tania Magro Huertas that involves an urban analysis and a study of popular involvement with a view to providing working material on analysis and reflection for/on/by the museum. This first stage, is divided in “Analysis and urban research" and “Processes of civil participation ". Furthermore, the artists involved in the project’s second stage can use this material to submit ideas based on knowledge of the museum’s social and urban environment. It is precisely in this second stage that the guest artists or artist, as yet to be determined, will propose the plaza’s regeneration through a specific artistic project.


Intrahistorias project