Author: Begoña Muñoz
Place and date:

Bilbao, 2003

Press release

2003. Music Project Begoña Muñoz. Bilbao

In 2000, when consonni invited Begoña Muñoz to design a performance-related project she replied that she wanted to make music, publish a record, sing and play. Since then, consonni has worked hard to turn an artist into an artist, and to become itself a producer and record maker. With the innocent boldness of personal desire, legal support to assure this transformation and belief in metamorphosis as a modus operandi, a collective wish came true. “Bringing out a record”, “being a celebrity”, “giving interviews”, “recording in the studio”, “going out with musicians”: all the clichés became material to work with and the interest for the succes of the venture became a guide line.

consonni organised a series of sessions in co-operation with musicians, technicians, music producers, legal advisers and a recording company, making up a production cycle in several stages. Working with musician Maxence Cyrin in Paris, Begoña wrote her songs in 3 months and recorded a demo with inspirational bass lines. In New York she met Jennifer Blauvelt and invited her to perform a duet. In Bilbao, Donostia and Madrid she worked with Madel, Javi Pez and Javiergarcía to complete the musical production of her album. Artist Olaf Breuning was commissioned to handle the visuals for the album.

In September 2003 consonni signed a licence contract with Subterfuge Records to issue Begoña’s album. 10th November saw the issue of the maxi-single “Let’s Play Hippies” and at the beginning of 2004, in Bilbao and in Madrid will be the venue for an event to mark the issue of the album “We Only Move When Something Changes!!!”, which is scheduled for february 24th, 2004.

Produced by consonni in co-operation with Arteleku, with the backing of the departments of culture of the Basque Government, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Provincial Council of Bizkaia and of the Mondriaan Foundation.


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