Exercises on the north side

Author: Ibon Aranberri
Place and date:

Petit Vignemale (French Pyrenees) , 2007

Press release

2007. A 16mm film. Petit Vignemale (French Pyrenees)

In 2000, Ibon Aranberri proposed to consonni that he organise a firework display near the location of the former Lemoiz nuclear power plant. Sociopolitical circumstances and the complexity of the project for Iberdrola, the company that owns the nuclear power plant, prevented it from actually taking place. Since then there have been many directions for developing a project together. As a logical achievement through the cultural signs of political extension, Aranbarri started doing complex research on the world of the mountain and its significance, with the aid of cinema dealing with the mountains, as a genre with its own language. Using archive pictures and others created expressly for this purpose in Petit Vignamaile (the French Pyrenees), Aranberri created a record of the languages for representing the epic of the mountain by analysing, using its tools and own content, its rules, values, beliefs and clichés. The result is a 16-mm film that is to be shown for the first time at Documenta 2007.


Exercises on the north side was produced by consonni together with Arteleku, with the sponsorship of the department of Culture of the Basque Government, the American Center Foundation, SEACEX, Documenta XII and with the collaboration of Euskalcom, k2000. Head of photography, Jon Barco, Xabier Aranburu y los escaladores Arkaitz, Esko, Mikel e Iraitz.


Intrahistorias project