GLF. Graffiti Liberation Front

Author: Nacho Magro
Place and date:

Bilbao, from the 19th to 27th of november, 2010 

Press release

2010. An analysis of the graffiti and other (sub) cultural (re) presentations as linguistic sign

G.L.F. analyzes the graffiti and other (sub) cultural (re) presentations: as linguistic sign, as a producer of symbols to represent certain groups, as symptoms and self-expression tool ...
G.L.F. also aims to reflect the capitalization and commodification of style and... urban art or the formalization of that cry in the air from the system.
GLF; Nacho Magro and consonni

G.L.F. a collaboration between the artist Nacho Magro and contemporary art producer consonni arises as a work in progress, a project open and flexible ... where we will find different actors and artistic and theoretical multiple devices on different contexts and 
subcultural imaginary

Throughout 2010 and 2011 we will develop various devices and now the project starts with "When walls talk," a film series at the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film ZINEBI 52 and a public debate "Graffiti and systems. Bridges and Boundaries".