Ibon Aranberri

Author: Ibon Aranberri
Place and date:

Lemóniz, 2000

Press release

2000. Firework display next to the uncompleted nuclear power station. Lemoniz

Ibon Aranberri proposed staging a firework display next to the uncompleted nuclear power station in Lemoniz. In using fireworks, a source of visual and sensorial emotion, Ibon Aranberri is employing classical creative strategies with wide public acceptance. But by placing the display against the backdrop of the former nuclear power station, a place with strong connotations of conflict and the scene of dramatic events in recent Basque history, the nature of his proposal becomes more complex. The display was eventually postponed, due to current socio-political circumstances and the complexity of the project for the owners of the power station.

Produced by consonni and Arteleku with the collaboration of Astondoa Pirotecnia and the support of the Basque Government - Arts Department, the Provincial Government of Bizkaia and the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa.