Luna Park #7

Author: Jay Chung y Q Maeda
Place and date:

Former amusement park of Artxanda, Bilbao, 2007

15 years ago, the Bizkaia amusement park on the top of mount Artxanda was closed. Proof and symbol of the ‘acceleration of history’, the amusement park is a contemporary ruin, an allegory of a doped economy and the print of failed mass tourism.Luna Park is a poetic link between a series of produced works and social, political or economic issues, with an important time lag: the works transmit the park 15 years after its closure. Like a message launched to the future, in which each work takes its own path, Luna Park is an exhibition for the future.


Jay and Q decide to make the most of their stay in Bilbao and spend the day and night at the Park, recording their experience. They set up camp in a place where imagination develops unnerving situations that contrast with the absolute tranquillity of the place and yet however, it generates images that complete a somewhat surrealist video.

Luna Park, conceived by Franck Larcade, Lisette Smits and Alexis Vaillant/produced by consonni with the support of the Heritage Centre of the Department of Treasury of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia. With aid from the European Culture Foundation, Department of Cultural of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia.