Tetsuo (bound to fail)

Author: Sergio Prego
Place and date:

Broadcast on Canal Bizkaia and in the urban space of Bilbao, 1998

1998. Video. Bizkaia Channel and urban space of Bilbao

"Tetsuo (bound to fail)" looks at a contemporary urban universe of references to superheroes. Using a complex system of image capture and processing, a human figure appears to fly over the industrial areas of Bilbao, offering a portrait of the city. The video was not shown in conventional exhibition spaces; instead it was integrated into the urban space itself. Six television shops tuned the TV sets in their windows in to live broadcasts of "Tetsuo (bound to fail)" on Canal Bizkaia.

Produced by consonni, Arteleku and Canal Bizkaia with the support of the Basque Government - Arts Department.