Author: Atelier van Lieshout
Place and date:

Zarautz, 2000

2000.  Experimental workshop. Zarautz

Under the auspices of Powerpoint Revolution!!! - an international workshop staged at Arteleku and directed by Asier Pérez González. Atelier van Lieshout was invited by consonni to organise a special workshop within the official event. Atelier van Lieshout's workshop was a first for AvL Academy, the training centre of AvLVille. Participants were given the ambitious challenge of organising a theme dinner with entertainment for the inhabitants of the town of Zarautz, all within the space of two days.

Produced by consonni and Arteleku with the support of the Basque Government - Arts Department, the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa and Fundación Arte y Derecho.