El arte de la mediación

Author: Oriol Fontdevila
ISBN: 978-84-16205-32-5
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Edition: 2018
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Type: Libro
Language: Español
Design: Maite Zabaleta
Layout: Zuriñe de Langarika Samaniego

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All art is mediated, while at the same time art is an agent of mediation. That is why tracing a genealogy of mediation in this book  becomes a type of history of art, analysing the work of some of its leading figures, such as William Turner, Clement Greenberg, Daniel Buren, Joseph Kosuth, Harald Szeemann, Seth Siegelaub, Lucy Lippard or Tania Bruguera, amongst others.

Speaking of mediation implies probing the question of art’s autonomy and its capacity for agency, performativity, the death of the author, the genesis of the curator-author, supposed “non-art”, as well the educational turn and even the more recent material turn. Mediation is where art is sustained as a set of conventions while, at the same time and for the same reason, it is where art finds the seed of disruption.

Oriol Fontdevila (Manresa, 1978) is a writer, curator and researcher. The Sala d’Art Jove (Young Art Showroom) of the Government of Catalonia has served him for more than ten years as a base camp from which to experiment with the intersection between art and mediation. His research has been reinforced by his curating projects in institutions like the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, the Fundació Joan Miró, Arts Santa Mònica, as well as by his interest in education, through his direction of the A*Desk program of studies. He also writes regularly in specialised publications. In 2012 he was awarded the City of Barcelona Prize in the Visual Arts modality, and 2015 he was the ex aequo winner of the International Prize for Cultural Innovation of the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona.

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