Metamorfosis en el noveno asalto

Author: Lutxo Egia
ISBN: 978-84-6141803-9
Product features: Weight: 300g,
Dimensions: 0 x 148 x 210 mm
, 158 Pages
Edition: 2012
Licence: Creative Commons
Type: Book
Language: Spanish & Basque
Design: Begoña Muñoz & Unai Goikolea
Supporters: MUSAC

The novel reflects the keys that were required to work in the project: the analysis of the music world, the construction of a star, the contradictions that exist in the collective work, the production of contemporary art, the boundaries between art and culture discussion about the differences, if any had, any other musical product ... But at the same time, everyday brings more other frames that are behind any rational brooding jealousy, drunken desires, sexual fantasies, fears, dreams, admiration, fluid and complicated relationships. Also the author deftly brings new insights. There are two principles: the creation of the public and the construction of identity, not only as a tool, but as the main concept.