Peter Pan disecado. Mutaciones políticas de la edad.

Author: Jaime Cuenca
ISBN: 978-84-939858-4-4
Product features: Weight: 225g,
Dimensions: 0 x 130 x 200 mm
, 240 Pages
Edition: 2013
Licence: Creative Commons
Type: Book
Language: Spanish
Design: Maite Zabaleta

Peter Pan occupies centre stage in the fictional constellation of versions and re-readings that serve a wide range of purposes. Guided by its light it is possible to completely dissect the political mutations of age from the early 20th century down to today: from the disciplinary production of childhood in the nuclear family to the spread of a phantasmagoria of youth driven by seductive capitalism. The simultaneously changeable and static figure of Peter Pan is an exceptional indicator of these corporal and affective micro-politics that have known how to make use of the sailor suit and the cover of Playboy, of virtual social networks and night lights, all in equal measure.

This essay has been selected as one of the most important essays published in 2013 by D. Nuevo ensayo. Encuentros con jóvenes ensayistas by CENDEAC.


With a PhD in Social and Human Sciences and a degree in Philosophy, Jaime Cuenca is an associate researcher at the Institute of Leisure Studies at the University of Deusto. He has taught at the same university and at the Monterrey Institute of Technology within the fields of leisure, aesthetics, philosophy of art and other philosophical disciplines. Jaime is the author of two monographs and a score of articles in specialised journals, including Arbor, Lápiz, Estudios filosóficos, A*Desk and salonKritik. He has contributed to various artist’s catalogues and works as an art critic in different written press media.