The last 22nd of March we celebrated our first Radio Shown consonni with Azkuna Zentroa of the year.

In this cause we tackled the relation between radio and art from different perspectives. Miguel Álvarez Fernandez (Ars Sonora) managed the session with Alberto de la Hoz as technician; Anna Ramos (Radio Web MACBA), José Luis Espejo (Radio Reina Sofía y Mediateletipos.net), the (in)dependent curator and investigator Sonia Fernández Pan (Esnorquel), Juan Jesús Torres (Radio BiB-Rambla), the artist Amaia Urra, the poetess and researcher María Salgado and the composer and multidisciplinary artist José Iges. Leire Palacios will give voice to the questions and reflections of the public.

Different professionals analysed this dialogue between radio and art from different perspectives and practises: podcasting, sound art, radio art, radios from art institutions, free radios, cultural criticism… It will be a great opportunity to enjoy sound pieces, performances and live talks.

Some radios broadcasted the radio show. Such as, Casares Irratia (Donostia), TEA FM (Zaragoza) and Radio Vallekas (Madrid).

Also, virtually we listened to the sonorous artist and producer Xabier Erkizia, the journalist, critic and researcher Elisa McCausland, Chusé Fernández from Tea Fm and Toña Median from La Sonidera.

Here there are all images of the Radio Show


Saturday 7th October Azkuna Zentroa held the second Radio Show of consonni in 2017. A live radio programme with public and online broadcasting based on Lucy R. Lippard´s Yo veo/ Tú significas(consonni, 2016).

The journalist Leire Palacios managed the session, Alberto de la Hoz handled the technical part with Raúl Fernández De Pinedo and Ainhoa M-P Marcotegui as video technicians.

It was an opportunity to enjoy new musical, stage and sonorous works created for the occasion in order to re-interpret the book chapters. And it took the form of a group reading the novel from different views. We had the musician Mursego, artists Mabi Revuelta (with Matxalen de Pedro and Otto Castro), Elena Aitzkoa and Macarena Recuerda Shepherd, dancer & choreographer Idurre Azkue, performer & dance critic Jaime Conde Salazar, art critic Peio Aguirre, DJ Oleaktiff, writers Silvia Nanclares and Kattalin Miner, architect Oihane Ruíz ( in collaboration with Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés), photographer David Hornback, art critic & researcher Paloma Checa-Gismero (via audio) and the musicologist & researcher Agnès Pe.

LOG I. ABCDEF David Hornback´s re-reading 

LOG II. ABDE Macarena Recuerda and Idurre Azkue´s re-reading

LOG III. A (with D) Kattalin Miner´s re-reading

LOG IV. D Mabi Revuelta´s re-reading with the colaboration of Matxalen de Pedro and Otto Castro

LOG V. E (WITH D, WITH B) Jaime Conde Salazar´s re-reading

LOG VI. EVERYBODY Agnès Pe´s re-reading

LOG VII. B (AND A) Elena Aitzkoa´s re-reading

LOG VIII. AQD Silvia Nanclares´s re-reading

LOG IX. AQED Peio Aguirre´s re-reading

LOG X. PROJECTIONS Oihane Ruiz´s re-reading


Here there are all images of the Radio Show

Video by Egoi Markaida:


The General Directorate of Cultural Promotion of the Community of Madrid continues its activities with the third edition of the Madrid 45 training program. The goal of this program, directed by Sergio Rubira, is to complement those aspects not included in academic visual arts programs, encourage debate on the most contemporaneous artistic production and energise the artistic context of the Community of Madrid. This workshop will be dedicated to analysing the self-cartography that consonni, the art producer and publisher, has elaborated over more than twenty years. In this process productions and publications will be mapped, commenting on ways of doing, and discovering networks of collaboration for uncovering the production apparatus that underpins this project.

“All we don´t know” is the tittle chosen by Madrid 45 workshop´s participants, who had the oportunity to create a Radio Show with the colaboration of the technician Alberto de la Hoz. It was made with the participation of Alba Gómez, Amalia Ruiz, Arantxa Boyero, Arantxa Romero, Elsa Velasco, Lara Molina, Lorena Beneitez, María Menchaca, María Rogel, Mónica Fernández, Ro Gotelé, Rocio Gutierrez and Sara Santana.

Here there are all images of the Radio Show


The art producer and publisher consonni, organised along with Azkuna Zentroa a radio programm around intellectual property and artistic practises, ran by the commentator Alicia San Juan. Leire Palacios gave voice to the questions and reflections of the public. It was an activity with live audience and online broadcast, where we talked with different specialists of the subject from music, visual arts, law analysis, right management, activism, etc.

Participants variety like Ainara LeGardon, David García Aristegui, Aneguria, La Basu Marta C. Dehesa, Jaime de los Ríos, Hans Bernhard (Ubermorgen), Yen Tzu Chang, Conchi Cagide, Ane Zabala, Igor Estankona and Dibujatolrato among others, allowed to visualize, share, research and discuss the controversial relationships between intellectual property and artistic practises from different points of view. We had live music by Aneguria and La Basu. Also, we heart – but in virtual form – the reflections of Anari, Jaron Rowan, Servando Rocha and Javier de la Cueva.






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We presented inside BALA (the bookfair for independent editors working in Bilbao) the program of our three new books of PAPER colecction: Pablo Helguera´s Artoons, Lucy R. Lippard´s Yo veo / Tú significas and Maite Garbayo´s Cuerpos que aparecen. Performance y feminismos en el tardofranquismo. It was a live audience and a online broadcasting hosted by Alicia San Juan and Alberto de la Hoz as the technician.


Here there are all images of the Radio Show.