In 2011, for the first time, Consonni has an own place. From an industrial zone to a zone made for gentrification, from the factory to the parish church, from freeloading to sharing spaces, from invisibility to camouflage…
Through the transition of consonni from different neighborhood to various spaces it can be seen the transition of Bilbao from an industrial city to a service place and the development of the contemporary art production.
Consonni got its name from the abandoned factory on the peninsula of Zorrozaurre (Bilbao) in 1997, and it was set up as a “Center of artistic contemporary practice.” Until November 1998, the productions took place at the factory Consonni. Afterward Consonni left the factory and abandoned the notion of center. Without space to manage but to carry out production Consonni looks for mechanisms of production and diffusion more suitable for each artist and space more appropriate for each artist’s project. Thus, Consonni went from a factory space of 8,000 m2 to a small office of 11 m2. For a decade Consonni stayed in the city center in a building of the Fundación EDE, which works for social, educational and cultural development issues. Consonni was then located for a few years in the old offices of the priest of the parish Cristo Rey, another year they spent sharing space with the people of Stereozona in the emblematic office of Muelle 3. Until getting an own space of empowerment in the neighborhood of Bilbao La Vieja (between the streets of Cortes and Conde de Mirasol), receiving the help of the public municipal entity Lanekintza. This way, although the projects have continued to have their ideal space, we also increase the possibility of action (presentations, workshops, and projects of smaller format, synergies with other local and international organizations…). To maximize the possibilities, we are participating in the creation of a social and cultural center Sarean with other cultural agents of the area.
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