Creating value A conversation with Asier Pérez González , Franck Larcade and their lawyer Justo Ortega.

Asier Pérez Gonzalez

Casco Issues nº 5, mayo 1999

JO: : When someone goes to a lawyer‘s office, what they expect is a made-to-measure solution to their problems. They describe a series of problems and circumstances and what we do is give this a legal structure. So, for the type of activity that you‘re talking about, the most appropriate entity is that of the ‘sociedad limitada’ (S.L.)… In your case, with your commercial/artistic activity you will be creating something, you will be creating wealth. But you won‘t be subsidised as a company nor as a project if there isn‘t an institution behind this.

FL: Asier, where does your signature appear, where do you appear as an artist?

JO: He appears as an artist in the shares of the company, what is being sold is a creation by Asier Pérez González, that is a commercial company, a company on the market… Consonni can‘t obtain any profit because its articles do not allow it, in a non-profit making organisation, the purpose is to promote art and not to earn money. But that is not the case in a company because, as with all type of capitalist entities, the purpose is to earn money. A cultural organisation can take part in a company as long as it does not earn money, but the company itself can earn money. When the time comes to share the profits, it must decide whether to give the money to the partners or to reinvest in the company. That is to say, it can share the money it obtains as profits among its partners in which case Consonni could use this money for its activities.

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